The architecture office was founded in 1932 by the architect FranciscoCastro Represas , joined a few years later by his partner Pedro Alonso Pérez. Since then it has continuously developed its professional activity in Vigo.
It has been dedicated primarily to rehabilitation and private development of collective housing, while also developing its activities in the areas of educational architecture, office, religious, monumental, single-family housing and planning issues.

As for graphic design, logos were designed for several companies and societies, such as Ultratur Group, Porche, Carpa or Pita Cega, it have also been made ​​three-dimensional models for both its own work and to outside companies.

It has also been involved in Project and Construction Magament, advising clients in the management of their projects, and Project Monitoring for different entities.

It has designed and managed some significant buildings as Edificio Vigo Curbera, Barreras, Sanchon, Albo, Santo Domingo or Vialmar, the Real Club Nautico, Marist Brothers Residence  College and TeachingFactories Larsa or Albo, Rehabilitation Banco de Galicia, Cotogrande Fairgrounds,...